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Originally Posted by jessicanashville
I also have them. Got them 2 years ago in Chicago. I had bf'd for 3 years and had no breast tissue just nipple. I got silicone (new version). It is a solid/gel rather than a liquid. I got them under the muscle and incision under the breast (in the fold) in case I decided to have more children and needed to nurse. It's a lot more painful and more expensive for under the muscle and silicone but I LOVE THEM. Everything looks cute. I feel 100 times more feminine. I had never been bigger than an a cup and nothing ever fit right. I am 5'8 and am normally a 32dd. Currently I am a 34e/f because I am pregnant. Best money spent ever!
Don't they look more natural under the muscle? If you weren't having more kids after, would you still have done it that way?
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