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Fitted love? Yes or no?

I am a big AIO fan. My stash is mostly BGE & Grovia's w/a few Freetimes. I do have 10 Flip covers though, that I use w/prefolds & inserts. I heard such good things about fitteds, I decided to buy/trade a few to check them out. I have 2 simple contour dipes, 2 workhorses, 2 kiwi pie (older style), a BSRB & a Roots cloth (I do love this one- soooo soft). I guess I just don't get it. I do like the workhorses b/c they are basically a modified prefold, but having to do the snaps of the fitted & then a cover on top just seems like so much work. I know I've read some mamas use fitteds w/out covers at home, but my dh pees right through them. I haven't been able to go coverless.

So to those of you who use fitteds, what's you favorite & how do you use them (all the time, only at night, etc.)?

Has anyone tried fitteds & decided against them? Why?

Lastly, I use Freetimes at night w/ a cotton/hemp doubler but am considering selling them b/c I much prefer the natural fabrics. Any suggestions as to how I could use my fitteds overnight. Do you use a fitted at night & w/what else? Right now I am leak free w/ the Freetimes w/ doubler but want to remove the mf from my stash.

Thanks mamas!!! :-D
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