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Re: Fitted love? Yes or no?

I tried a lot of different fitteds, mainly for nighttime. I never really got into daytime fitteds except for maybe naps. I was the same way with it just seamed like more work and I didn't really need absorbency all over like that.

FOr nighttime I did fitteds for several months. I tried
sbish snapless-didn't like using a snappi at night
sbish sized-too massive
Goodmamas & Piddlepoddles-too many snaps
HH Hemp Pocket-rise WAY too short
Hemp in general-too crunchy
Bumboo bamboo fitted-nice but a little confusing to use
Bamboozles-My favorite. If I was still using fitteds this would be my go-to diaper. I used this with the snap in soaker & a Green Line Doubler or Babykicks joey bunz

But, I got tired of hanging these to dry or drying on low forever. The bamboozles did dry the fastest. I also new the elastic would go out on them and their so expensive I didn't want to deal with that.

Now I have some motherease one size fitteds. I use them with a snap in soaker and Green Line Doubler. They do fit great and you can lay anything in them to add absorbency. I like that these can be thrown in the dryer with my prefolds and everything dries at about the same time.

I used Disana wool soakers over my fitteds.

However, I don't use those right now because my favorite for nights is a Imagine Bamboo Medium Prefold w/Green Line Doubler in a Wallypop fleece cover. It's so easy, breathable and easy to wash. No elastic to deal with, it's great!

So to sum up MEOS fitteds are the only ones I've kept and those aren't really like most fitteds in my opinion. Besides that, I'm not a fan a fitteds.

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