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Re: Helpful for after the birth

Definitely someone to care for you and your other little ones. DH stayed home for a week, which was wonderful.

As for other stuff.... a peri-bottle for rinsing after peeing, 'cause it really stings! (that was included in my supplies from my midwife though.)

Some easy snacks and meals for the first few days.

I found that Aleve (naproxen) worked WONDERS for my afterpains. You've got to use a slightly higher dose though - my midwife suggested 2 to start, and then 1 every 8 hours after that. Don't take them for too long - I only needed them for 2 or 3 days. Baby #6 and I barely felt a twinge. It was great.

A breast pump, for a one time pump-out to relieve engorgement.

I got some of my all time favorite soap as a treat for after baby was born. It was kind of a silly little thing, but it was so nice to have a shower with that great smell after baby was born. Not an essential, obviously, but might be fun to plan for that. My favorite is the Pink Sugary or Oatmeal Milk and Honey handmade goat milk soap from Goat Milk Stuff. (family run business - online - google will find it for you. )

All the best for a lovely birth!
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