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Re: K, I'm just dying to know- Do you see girl parts in this pic?

Originally Posted by greeneyedambe View Post
I don't see any boy parts so I would guess girl. This would be your 4th? I have three boys and an early gender scan said #4 boy for us (but I am not convinced).
No this is actually my 5th girl- my oldest is my only boy.

Originally Posted by mommajewels View Post
DDC.... legs are too close together in the 1st but the 2nd pic definitely makes me think girl.
I thought i saw the girl parts more in the 1st pic then the 2nd myself. my son wants a brother so bad, which is why I decided not to find out this time cause everyone is always ok with it being another girl once it's here but I feel like I let him down by not giving him the brother he wants. I know that's stupid to think like that so I'll just blame the PG hormones on it. I just keep looking at all the pics wanting to see something that says boy....but I don't. In the front pics i want to see something there but she said in the pics she gave me that it's just the cord that you are seeing.

I'm happy either way, was just hoping since the HB was saying boy ( all my girls were 168 and up and this one was 143) that maybe I had a shot but I know a lot of things can factor into the HB besides gender.

Thanks for being honest with me
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