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Angry Just a little vent....

Morning sickness has kicked in big time over here. I'm tired, cranky, and feeling so GROSS! I have about 2 hours of feeling reasonable mid-morning, in which I try to get as much done as I can, but for the rest of the day I feel barfy. Not actually puking, thankfully, but my stomach feels totally rotten and I'm freezing cold all the time.

I really want to wait until I have my dating u/s next week to make sure that everything is OK before we tell anyone that we're expecting, but DH has been going around telling people that I'm not feeling well. So people have been asking how I'm doing, posting on my facebook wall, offering to watch my kids, his mom is bringing supper tonight....

And I'm SO MAD! I know, it's probably not reasonable. I'm not 100% rational these days. But HONESTLY! I'm not sick. It's normal. And it's going to be this way for probably another 6 or 7 weeks. I don't want everyone watching me and guessing why I'm sick and starting rumors. I asked DH what he said to make his mom bring supper over and he said "well, you were sick."

And now what do I tell everyone? "No, I'm fine, DH was lying to you...." Or make up my own lie? "Just a little bit of the flu, but I'm fine now...." Crap, why couldn't he just say NOTHING!
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