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Re: K, I'm just dying to know- Do you see girl parts in this pic?

Originally Posted by JulieBeth View Post
I don't see either gender honestly! My son is the oldest and has 4 younger sisters, he was super disappointed when we found out our last was another girl! He loves her to pieces now and hasn't mentioned anything about a brother since.
He loves and plays with all of his sisters all the time so I not really worried about it. In fact when I was having our 4th girl he didn't say anything about it being a boy cause I think he was expecting it It's just been this PG that he's really been talking a lot about it which is why I decided not to find out cause he loves his sisters so much once they are in the world. I think I'm just driving myself crazy about it more then anyone else at this point even though I was the one who decided not to find out. Its like I want to know for my own sanity but just don't want anyone else to know, for my own sanity
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