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Re: With your VBAC labor, when did you call your MW/OB?

Talk about your concerns with your midwife, and also ask what kind of monitoring she's talking about. Intermittent checking with the doppler should be sufficient - if she's talking about putting on the straps and keeping you stuck in bed, then you might want to change midwives!
VBAC labour tends to be a little longer and slower - the body takes care of that scar! Nothing too hard or intense. Patience will be necessary, and you should know that induction or augmentation for a VBAC is not a good idea. (and there are plenty of doctors who will do it anyway!) I agree with you that staying home longer is probably best, but talk to your midwife about why exactly she wants you in earlier. Can she come to your home to check on your and baby in early labor?
If I were you, I'd read all I could on VBAC (check the ICAN website, maybe? Google should help you find lots of good resources) and inform yourself about what the risks actually are, and how to minimize them, so that you can make good informed decisions.
All the best for a great birth!
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