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Re: How much have you spent on cloth diapers?

Too much. Definitely more than I planned on.

36 Infant prefolds-$54
4 lanacare smalls,2 medium, 1 large-$185
6 misc wool covers-$60? Not entirely sure here
6 disana wool covers-$120
2 dozen green edge GMD-$70 resold for $55
2 1/2 dozen brown edge GMD $75
2 dozen red edge GMD $60
4 dozen LL-$55-traded 3 dozen for 2 1/2 dozen organic prefolds
9 dozen imagine flats-$135
3 dozen diaperite flats-$45
3 osocozy flats-$5
4 hemp babies flats-$30(not worth it)
6 swaddlebees cotton print flats $10?
3 1/2 dozen hemp jersey wipes-$52.50
2 dozen silk liners-$20
36 misc fitteds-$250

Whatever that adds up to is what I have spent on cloth. I just added that up. It adds up to $1172. You could probably add in about $20-30 for items forgotten. Of course this doesn't count wet bags. I think those add up to $120. A pail $15. We had 2 pail liners but didn't pay for them. They were given to us. We also didn't use them though. So I am glad I didn't pay for those.

So total about $1315 giv or take a few dollars. I did sell some things but haven't a clue what I got for them.

I don't count my yarn for woolies as the are used as my son's clothing. I would also have to try to figure out how much went to pants and shorts and how much went to sweaters, socks, slippers, hats, and gloves. I would then have to subtract how much we would have spent on pants and shorts to begin with and how much I would have spent for other
Hand made items as crochet and more recently knitting are hobbies I have had for around 28 years. If it wasn't spent on yarn for woolies it would have been spent on yarn for blankets, scarves, sweaters, socks, etc.

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