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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (Jan 16-31)

Originally Posted by stevensmom View Post
Got my doppler out and heard baby's hb! 170bpm

Originally Posted by cristy_1996 View Post
And here is a link to my birth story if anyone wants to read!
Gotta come back and read this when I get my own computer back - mine's broken and "in the shop" so I'm only able to hop on at my in-laws, and I hate being on for too long when I should be visiting!

Originally Posted by TS8213 View Post
AFM - Just coasting along here. 34w now, which means just 3 more short weeks until induction if MFM & my OB stick to the current plan. With 2x/week dr appts, I know the time will fly by. Just trying to make it through the days here. I'm still working my 12 hour shifts and by the end of the day (even before the end) I'm exhausted. I just worked 3 days in a row, had a mandatory meeting this morning and have to work another 12 tomorrow. Ugh. The little miss is still doing well on the NSTs. Though the contractions have been picking up, they still don't seem concerned so I guess I won't be either.

Hope all are doing well! I've been reading along.
Only 3 weeks! Crazy!
I imagine they're not that worried about contractions because with an early induction coming anyways, it wouldn't be the worst thing if labor started on its own.

Originally Posted by quicksilverNHS View Post
I just received an email saying a family member is shipping me an Ergo "urban chic" carrier.
I really like the Ergo for back carrying - though that's only for older babies. For itties, I really really love my ring sling. And I had a wrap with Levi that I liked, though I never really got used to wrapping while holding baby. I did get a stretchy wrap from FSOT, arrived last week, that I'm hoping I'll like even more for the first few months.

Originally Posted by myblessedbaby View Post
rainbowish fitted.
So far I've made a bonnet, boots, cocoon and matching hat, and I'm working on a blanket, all in rainbow

Originally Posted by carlycurry View Post
just wondering what you all think? Should I go with my gut and just stop these shots? Is there any harm in having had 2 weekly doses of them and now quitting them?
I think I wouldn't be doing them with only a previous 35 weeker. I mean, I know that's premature... but it's not really seriously preemie, kwim?
Possibly if I felt fine I would do the shots, but not with horrid side effects. And it's likely I wouldn't even start them at all with only that history.

Originally Posted by finleyjudemommy View Post
Hi girls! It's been an eventful day! Went to diabetes appointment today, BP was up so they sent me to L&D to be monitored and guess what?
Maeve Isabelle made her entrance into this world at 9:13 pm! I actually started contracting on my own! They did need to start some pitocin but not much. She weighed 5 pounds even and is 18 inches long. She has nursed twice already and is doing wonderful!

Attachment 131979
CONGRATS Susan!!!!!! She's so beautiful!!!!!! all that hair!!!

AFM: Mentioned above - I haven't been away by choice, my computer's jack and cord are shot and we're waiting on the shop to replace it. Should get it back sometime next week Until I do, I have to jump on for a few minutes at my in-laws' house - but I don't like spending too much time tucked off in the computer room when I should be visiting!

In Hiccup news, absolutely nothing new, lol. I think he may be breech... but I'm not totally sure. Could be just my paranoia too, lol. But lots of movements, regular from day to day, definitely making the "kick counts". Just lovin' this last pregnancy!
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