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Re: Families that went from 2 incomes to 1 after having kids....I need help please

I have trouble with these because our situation is not really the norm. When we went from 2 incomes to one dh was also getting out of the military and moving 400 miles so things were interesting. For us medical insurance was big since it was free in the military and know we were going to have to pay for it. He ended up in a job paying the same, but bringing home less because of medical ins. I had decreased my hours before i quit so we had already primarily using his income and mine was bonus (I was only working about 12 hours a week after having dd for a year). Our cushion was taken away when I quit. We both come from poorer paycheck to paycheck families so not having that cushion caused a lot of anxiety. In our married lives we had not had to live as tightly has we did while single or as children. We had to tighten things back up when I quit. And in the begining it was only suppose to be temp. I would stay home while we were in transition- not knowing where dh would work or where we would need to live.

We didn't seek any official resources. We did stay with dh's parents while in transition and they only charged us $200 a month. But dh being a disabled veteran did have resources, we just didn't use them.

I think tips on tightening the budget and sticking to it. Info and tips on adjusting from going from WOH to SAH. Emotional support in dealing with the depression sometimes involved- I felt useless. Even though I know I am not and I am doing an important job, I was 31 and it was the first time since I was 15 that I wasn't bringing home a paycheck. It was incredibly depressing to me. I can't really talk much about financial aspects because we got really lucky- dh got laid off from his first out of the military job which kept money tight. In a week had another job making double and more than our incomes combined even when I was working a full time professional job. he still works for the same company and makes WAY more money then anybody ever imagined he would. So while we have a tight budget and are thrifty we don't really need to be anymore. So in that aspect I have very experience, we only had to be super careful for about 6 months. Then we were is better position then we had ever been in before. Its been 3 years since he started at this company (3 1/2 since getting out of the military) and we still can't believe the position we're in a lot of times. It just feels so weird. We know we're lucky.
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