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Re: Help Me Decide What to Keep or Not Keep

Okay, I was thinking about this based on what I've done with pretty much everything in my house. I put it away for one month. That's one month no matter how much I need it (because if I really needed it on a regular basis, it wouldn't have been put away in the first place). The idea is hopefully to find a way to work around not having it there. If I can find a way to live without it, I get rid of it. That's how I found out I can live with three mixing bowls (though we've gone up to a set of six with a couple of spice bowls, but they nest so well they're not taking up any additional space.

I've pretty much been doing this with everything, including the kids toys. My daughter has gotten the bug and has decided to give up all of her toys with the exception of two dolls and a few stuffed animals away. Some of her stuff has gone to join the sets of similar toys that her brothers have, but most of it is going to her cousin. She's put it away since before Christmas and has decided after living without it, she hasn't even wanted to play with any of it. It's been a great way for me to eliminate a lot of my excess and now I'm setting a positive example for the kids. They're not afraid of giving up something they're going to miss later because they get to test it out first.
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