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Re: I need help, bonding with children that are no babies

Originally Posted by abunchoflemons View Post
Hugs. It must be hard. I know it was when my dad left our family then died as stepmom never really seemed to care about me. That would be one thing for me.

I wouldn't say yes to kids if I couldn't genuinely take care as my own & love them & all as my own. Have you tried to talk to the kids on things if there are things that bother them or what not. Sometimes it takes a while too as I have had many deaths in my family & everything changes....
My intention was always to love them as my own, but our plans as parents rarely work out the way WE want them to. If it was my choice, these children would be less robot like, they are just always real emotion. Its not like I had a previous relationship with these children, I didn't know what I was getting into. At the time we felt these kids should remain with family and we are all they have, but we are going to stick it out. The four year old does not remember her mother, I've tried talking to the boy that turns 6 in March, but he is completely emotionless about all of it, he doesn't seem to care one bit.
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