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Re: I need help, bonding with children that are no babies

Originally Posted by DottieHarley View Post
mama. I think the PPs who suggested therapy asap are right on the money. Also, i know you were probably being intentionally vague, but as much as you know/can find out about their pre adoptive life the better. It will only make things clearer for the therapist.
My brother and I are both adopted - me from a good situation, him from a very bad one. He sounds exactly like what you described and my parents left things too late. He wound up with very low self-esteem and it has caused nothing but heartache for everyone.
I was mostly just trying to keep things short, I don't want to turn people off by a huge long drawn out story. These kids are my sisters, but I had only met them once in Dec 2010, and she was in a coma two months later. My sister spent her life on drugs, and was a hardcore alcoholic when she passed. This was why I never invited her into my life. I don't want my kids around that. The meeting in Dec was a supposed to be a one time event. I know these kids went without food more then once, I know they were neglected and left alone, but to what extent, I will never really know.
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