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I'm STILL Stuck on Toys

Can anyone help me? I've already gotten rid of stuff that's broken and missing pieces. Usually, when my daughter doesn't use something much and I mention rehoming it, she all of a sudden adores it. She has too many toys even after rotating toys out AND we have a huge stockpile of hand-me-downs in the attic. I'm seriously stuck and haven't been able to make much progress recently even though I know we have way more than DD needs. I'm sure there are other kids that could use our extras if my daughter, husband and I can manage to part with some of this. Part of the reason I'm stuck is because I think the toys we still have are good toys. By good, I don't mean all Waldorf and wood, but still relatively open ended or good for different types of play. We have mega bloks (duplos size), lincoln logs, chevron cars, play kitchen stuff, baby doll stuff, dress up dolls, puzzles, play dough, arts and crafts materials, cash register, kid-size table and chairs, yoga mat, ball pit balls, outdoor toys (balls, bats, trikes, minivan, sand box, play house, climbing structure), musical instruments, puppets, grocery cart, stuffed animals, board games, wikki stix. In storage we have Barbies, playmobil, sylvanian families/calico critters, legos, educational games, an american girl doll, flash cards, more board games. There's even more I'm not thinking of. We don't have a lot of money and I think that's part of the problem. 95% of this stuff is used and came from family and friends, thrift shops, freecycle and craigslist and I fear getting rid of something then kicking myself later b/c I should have kept it and can't afford to buy it new. She's practically an only child, too so I feel like keeping extra stuff so her friends will want to come over even more. I know that's a messed up rationalization. Please help!
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