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Weight of lo determining vbac success?

Hi ladies,
I went to my gyn for my yearly yesterday. I have a 14 month old that was born via c section. The day I went into labor I had an unexplained fever and was very weak. I wasn't allowed to get an epidural due to the fever (they were afraid of introducing bacteria into my spinal column and risk meningitis). Anyways, I progressed very quickly and proceeded to push for four hours with no progress when the doctor called a c section. my lo was 8 lbs 2 oz.
ffwd to today, we are starting to try for #2 and I really want to vbac. Due to a ban at the hospital I had my 1st at we're going to need a new doctor. My doctor told me that I can try but she thinks the only way ill be successful is if the baby is smaller than 8 lbs 2oz. Thoughts? Has anyone had a doctor tell them this and gone on to prove them wrong?
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