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Have you thought about going the midwife route? Usually they are a bit more supportive & really take the time to work with you & discuss options. If you find a practice that delivers in the hospital you'd like, they will have a OB as a back up if any issues arise. I had a VBAC w/ my ds after a traumatic "emergency" c-section & it was amazing! Such a wonderful experience! My ds was so much more alert & eager to nurse & my recovery was quick & didn't hamper my being a mom to my dd once her new little brother arrived. Just surround yourself w/positive support & know this is what our bodies were meant to do! The OB who delivered my 1st was worried about size too, but when I gave birth to my 2nd (who was only 2oz smaller) the midwife was sure that I could have easily birthed my dd vaginally if I would have been given more time (they made me have a section at 30hrs post membrane rupture). My ds was another LONG labor (50+ hrs w/ failed induction-- induced me b/c of diabetes). Honestly though, I would put up w/a week worth of steady contractions to VBAC again. It was so empowering & absolutely spectacular!!!

Go for it mama!! You can do it!!
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