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Re: I'm STILL Stuck on Toys

Originally Posted by SarasynFox View Post
My first suggestion, if it's in storage it can't possibly be her favorite. Let it go. If she's still got to much, rotate it out for a month. If she misses it and wants it back, keep it. If she doesn't seem to notice after a while, let it go. If you don't want to just take it and make the decision yourself, tell her she has to choose one or two things or whatever you decide. Those things will be going "on vacation" for a month. If she doesn't notice, you're good to rehome them.

If I don't do it, they'll grow up bogged down by clutter and unable to figure out what's important to keep just like I did. Everyone's happier in the end because of it.
This. I've actually done this enough with my kids that they (the older ones) will periodically come to me and say, "Mommy, we don't really use this toy anymore. Maybe we should give it to someone else who will use it." Which I think is awesome because it means they're starting to understand the difference between just having things and having things that they really treasure and value.
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