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When did you go to the hospital?

I was told when contractions were consistently 3-5 minutes apart for a full hour to call my doc and they'd advise me at that point. Within 30 minutes of waking up to excruciating pain at 2 am mine were 3 minutes and getting closer, so we called and went.

Did your transport affect how your labor was progressing?

I was screaming for an epidural by the time I got there. There was no gradual buildup, I had back labor, I had 45 seconds pain free in between. I got an epidural and delivered my daughter almost exactly 12 hours after waking up with only an hour of pushing.

How long were you there before baby came?

They would have let me go at 48 hours, but I wanted to stay one more day to see an LC so my doc let me.
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