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Re: Big Mama's January support thread

I just need to rant for a minute, is anyone else dieting WITH their dh? I made dh's lunch friday which he left at the breakroom and ate pizza at a promotion party that day. Today I make him a healthy breakfast and he pouts that I only gave him one piece of toast. Made him a healthy lunch. Later he goes to a birthday party for my nephew and AGAIN he eats pizza, and I KNOW my sil and bil, I'm positive that he had other choices AND he finished it off with cake. THEN he comes home and says "I'm hungry.. should I eat something? Um, NO? Sits on the couch, tells me how much he's craving a soda (sugar/carb crash anyone?) and how much he deserves it because he's been good on his diet (rolleyes here). I tell him I am NOT going to buy him a soda because that's what he was implying... so he falls asleep, wakes up and having already eaten, he goes and slices off a huge hunk of cheddar cheese, puts a half full bag of pretzels in his lap and he and the baby finish off the pretzels. After all that, he starts whining about how tired he is this weekend and I was good, I was really pissed with him but I said well, it's probably a sugar crash and he denied it and went on an on about how it was NOT that, that he had been feeling that way since friday afternoon. HELLO!!!! So here I am, bagging his snacks that he requested for tomorrow like I've been carefully doing for him all week - and seething. He's losing weight! It's just not fast enough for his liking or whatever so he's decided that he doesn't have to really TRY until we have the exercise bike because it's a freaking magical unicorn-machine that's going to cure him of his fat. He WANTED this! He's nagged me for months to go on a diet with him and now I feel like I'm the one pushing. All the effort I've gone to and this afternoon sitting next to him I said nothing, because it's his choice and he has to do it himself but I really wanted to rip that bag out of his hand.

I'm really a very sympathetic person most of the time, but having gone to so much trouble to help him (while doing it myself) when he sabotages himself then acts like he did nothing wrong and everything else it to blame it makes me really cranky.
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