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Re: I'm STILL Stuck on Toys

I think we're in the same boat. We've gotten rid of so much, and we're down to the nicer things. Nearly everything we have came off of CL, freecycle, hand-me-downs, goodwill bins etc. And finding the good stuff takes forever. I'm always worried that if I get rid of the good stuff we'll miss it later and I wont be able to afford to replace it and wont happen upon a free version of it. It's also rough because she's almost 2... so there's many things that are "to grow into." I feel like I have to watch for the good things well in advance.

As others have suggested, you can try thinning out some of the sets. I recently went through the groovy girl dolls and got rid of a few things. Today we did the play food for the kitchen. I found 50 things to get rid of, and it's so much more organized now. It was hard because a lot of that stuff came from a really nice $50 set of quality play food... but I am tired of all the little items on the floor. And with so many duplicate items, it took a lot of digging to get a nice variety - now it's a much calmer set and I feel great accomplishing that today. There's still enough to fill 2 toy shopping baskets - and I suspect that my tolerance will change and even that will seem like too much. But for now it's a great accomplishment.

I tend to find things a few times a week... If we get out the stuffed animals, I'll eye them to see which ones she doesn't play with much. We got a nice set of blocks for Christmas, so the small ikea set had to go. And honestly, sometimes there just isn't anything to get rid of and I don't worry about it and take a break. But soon enough I'll notice something that is getting a little out of hand. My next task is going through the books because she's outgrown most of the board books. I also want to work on the playdoh box because we have way too many tool pieces.

And I take great pleasure in knowing that I return the generosity by going out of my way to re-home items where they will be used on freecycle. I try to get as many things as possible directly to people that want and will use them. It feels good to return the favor!
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