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Re: I need help, bonding with children that are no babies

I will be calling around and looking into things this week. I never knew what I was lookig for, I thought it would be more behavior specialist. The whole time we've had them I've been trying to tell people that something is wrong, but nobody listens. Everyone says, "give them time" and "Don't push doctors to label them" On one of the boys doctors visits I expressed some of what I'd observed and he turned to him and said "Do you love your mommy?" and he said "yes" and he said "looks like everything is fine to me" I did change doctors, but I never went into depth with the next doctor because I was afraid he would say the same thing, and he had other health things that needed to be taken care of before I up and left another doctor. I did talk to the doctor about feeling like something was connected differently in his head. He still cannot consistantly answer certain types of questions and it seems like things get jumbled in his head and confused, but academically, he does awesome. He does great with things that only have one answer, like the word "said" is always said and 5 plus 4 is always nine, but if you ask him Why he stood on the tv stand and jumped on his sister, he says "Don't jump on my sister" His current doctor believes my sister used drugs/alcohol while pregnant. His sister, doesn't have all of the same issues her brother has, but is detatched, and never cared about her sudden missing mother.
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