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Originally Posted by rainbowgirl28
Grovia diapers and many other popular brands are mass produced in China. If you don't want to buy products made in China, that's fine, but if you were previously happy with Diaper Safari covers, it's really stupid to change your mind because they are made in a factory that also produces diapers for other sellers and co-ops. Mass produced in China does not mean a product is crappy or dangerous. Most products we use daily in the US were mass produced in China.
I'm not sure if this was directed at me but I don't think it's "stupid" of me not to use a previously loved cover if I find out its not safe for my daughter...

Like I said, I don't mind the fact that its made in China. The Alva thread just got me thinking about them. I'm not saying these are Alvas though.

I've put in a call and an email to customer service at DS. They have been very helpful to me in the past so hopefully ill get the answers I need.

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