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Re: Operation back to the boob seems to be helping

*sigh* a set back. CJ slept all night, from 8pm until 8am. I pumped at 10 and at 11:45, went to bed around midnight...and then slept through my alarm to get up and pump. And when I woke up, I could tell by my minor headache and a few other things that I was slightly dehydrated.

On the plus side, I felt a little bit full. And, he nursed on both sides when he did wake up and stopped on his own with no fussing. I did have to do some "bait and switch" with the pacifier, but when he was done, he was satisfied and not fussy. That's improvement too. And when I pumped for 10 minutes afterwards, I still got half an ounce. I now have THREE ounces in the fridge after a day, instead of just one.

Right now, having oatmeal for breakfast. And keeping on keeping on! :-)
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