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Re: Weight of lo determining vbac success?

I honestly think that in the majority of cases, position, both yours and baby's, matters a lot more than baby's size. Obviously there are extremes, rare as it is some women really do grow babies too big for them to deliver naturally, but often times it's not that baby is too big to come out, it's that the presentation is awkward and very difficult to get out, which can be exacerbated by size. I've seen many cases of vbac baby being bigger than the sectioned baby, even when the reason for the section is suspected CPD. I perversely hoped that DD2 was going to be bigger than DD1 was to prove to myself that I could have birthed DD1 naturally if they'd given me a decent chance at it. DD2 was a VBAC but was much smaller than her sister. I had an epi as well - the induction was too much for me at the 22 hour mark, and I needed to calm down and relax.
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