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Re: Wohoo .. saw my baby again .. How are the other march mommas ?

It's so great to be able to see the baby this early! I had a 2nd ultrasound last Tuesday (10wks 1d) to make sure my contractions aren't changing my cervix yet. *Oh the joys of a preterm labor history!* Everything was fine, and it was so neat to see what finally looks like a baby! It was kicking and squirming and moving like crazy! 30+ ounces of Gatorade will do that apparently! HB was 167...

Today is the first day where I've felt decent. YAY!!!! It was perfect timing because my dds were invited to a princess party and it was girls daddy taking them! I'm back to feeling a bit yucky, but not too bad. I'm sooooo hoping I feel OK tomorrow! Dd1 and I had a stomach bug last weekend that was pretty doc prescribed Zofran and I had a bad reaction to it. It didn't stop me from vomiting AND I COULD NOT SLEEP! I was awake until 7:30am when it finally wore off! It made me super anxious and restless. I had Zofran w/dd2 and it DID NOT do that to me last time!

Anyway, sorry for the book I generally just lurk but occasionally have something to say!

BTW, I'm 10wks 5days...
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