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Originally Posted by Mcorey41 View Post
Thanks ladies! I'm definitely switching practices and hospitals. I'll also get a doula which I think will help in all aspects. Who can say why my lo didn't descend? It very easily could have been her position. All things considered I dialated fully within one hour and had no interventions (until the c section). I labored on my back pretty much the whole time and looking back on it, at my doctors appt the day before I think she may have stripped my membranes (I remember it hurting and thinking wow she was pretty aggressive during the exam. Maybe my lo just wasn't ready! Thanks again ladies for making me feel more confident!
I had my membranes stripped and delivered successfully by VBAC 24 hours later. Honestly, the exam where they just checked me, and I wasn't ready to go, hurt a lot. When I had my membranes stripped it didn't hurt at all, but I was already dilating. Who knows....
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