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Not loving breastfeeding :(

With my first daughter, I was so desperate to nurse her, but had a supply issue. My delivery of DD2 was significantly better and my milk came in the next day. We are now 9 weeks into ebfing , LO is getting fussy at the breast -pulling and popping on/off over and over. It's extremely aggravating and I hate that I can't just sit and relax while she eats. Her antics usually start a few minutes after my let down. Sometimes the only way to get her to stay latched is if I get up and walk around while nursing. I thought maybe my supply was skimpy (despite her gaining about an ounce /day) so I started taking fenugreek... I like the obvious boost in supply, but she doesn't behave any differently except she seems to be spitting up more and having wet sounding burps. She used to only spit up 1-2x/week (tiny bit) but now spits up at least once a day (still tiny amount). Could the fenugreek be causing tummy trouble? I can't think of any other changes in my diet. Oh, and because she gets frustrated after my let down, I sometimes have to stop nursing and bounce, walk, etc her long enough to get another let down -about 15 minutes usually (since she'll start crying and refusing to nurse). I've had to repeat this cycle as many as 3 times before she finally starts dozing while nursing (and stopping the fussing and constant on/off business). I'm assuming my let downs are mostly foremilk since her poop starts turning green in relation to her level of patience in the previous day /two. She did all of the above around 5 weeks too (minus the extra spitting up, but I wasn't taking fenugreek then.) Also, after the episode at 5 weeks, it improved a little, but not perfect... Still had some fussing and relatching, just not as constant as it is now. Does anyone have any advice? I see everyone ooh and ahh over how dreamy and wonderful breastfeeding is, but I'm not getting it. I want to enjoy nursing her, but when my nipples are in pain from the constant abuse and I can't even just sit down and breathe while she eats.... It's frustrating to say the least.

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