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water kefir??

This is my first time making water kefir and started with dehydrated kefir grains on Tuesday of last week. My kefir grains seem to be super active. We are already on our third batch and went from about 1/3 of rehydrated to over a cup this morning when I checked. I set 2 jars to do a second ferment with grape juice, 1 in the fridge and 1 out. The one we left out had an enormous amount of carbonation even though I set it out last night around 10 and opened it about 12.5 hours later. We have never tasted water kefir before but what we made tastes similar to kombucha just not as strong. How do I know if I am doing it right and what should I do with the extra grains? I scooped them out and put them in sugar water in the fridge only keeping out what I needed for the next batch that is brewing now.
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