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We have mentioned the hospital a little. I'm not sure if I should directly say "hey next weekend, you are being admitted" since I know he will spend the whole week freaking out anytime we try to dress him to leave the house. He had an outpatient appt at a hospital in NYC in Nov and when I said in the car on the ride there "the sign says the hospital is this way", he started to scream. This was also during hurricane Sandy & we were coming from week 2 of no heat, no lights & chaos at home (we live on the Jersey Shore). So things were very stressful at home but just hearing the word hospital made him break down. He's been admitted twice out of state & twice locally, plus countless ER visits.

One of my daughter's friends was inpatient locally last week & we made a point to show ds photos my daughter took when she went to visit. Pictures of the kids smiling standing next to the IV pole, standing with a therapy dog that came to visit & just photos showing hospital things but with the kids standing together smiling.
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