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Posted the rest.

Originally Posted by kocho
Interesting. If your child was bottlefed would he run and fix a bottle every time the little one cried? Not all crying means hungry. Though offerring the breast does seem to fix a lot. lol
Our only bottle fed baby was very scheduled bc of bad reflux, so no, he wasn't fed with every cry.
Yes, the boob does seem to carry some
Magical Crying Disappearing power.
Originally Posted by Tris
I'm a little confused. Are you pumping as well and you want him to help feed her? Or do you mean in the duration you are nursing, (birth to a year or whatever) if the baby fusses you have to comfort her and he wont?

If its the first, communication will help. If its the latter, some confidence boosters may help, I know my H was a bit intimidated at first by a wailing baby.
I don't pump, she nurses at the breast. I don't want to feed her every time she cries or asks, I'd never get off the couch. He knows this. He thinks that because she is nursing that's the ONLY way to comfort her, therefore....I have to comfort her.

Originally Posted by doulamomma
My dh is the same way. I think part of it is him not feeling 100% comfortable with an itty bitty baby. He only does it for the first few months though

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Yeah...she's our fourth. He's very comfortable with a little one. As they get bigger and can throw little protests about who has them, he gets frustrated. Because she's still nursing, he genuinely believes she will not be comforted by anything but me. I feel it's an excuse to not have to pull his sleeves up and do the dirty work. How many items have we spent hours trying to learn how to comfort our kids when they've wailed? It's not fun, but we have to do it. I don't like that the 'she's nursing' is his excuse not to. Or it seems that way to me.
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