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Re: Book/Article Recommendations for Husband/Birth Partner

Originally Posted by junvwekt View Post
Thanks, ladies! I'm a little nervous because someone just asked me about it on facebook & I answered them so now it's "out there" that I'm having a homebirth. I feel prepared (but are you ever really prepared for labor & all that it entails?), but some people will probably think I'm just being stupid & naive because I'm so young & this is my first child & I'll never be able to give birth without a hospital/medication... at least that's the impression a few people have given when I tell them I'm planning a homebirth.
people think that even when you tell them you're planning a natural birth at a hospital I think a lot of people who do not choose/want an unmedicated birth feel a little put off when other people do. Like you might think you're better than them or something. Like you think it's a competition. Not all, some people are completely comfortable with their birthing decisions

but that's the impression I got with my first. Not as many people ask or care when you're having the 2nd baby it seems. But when it's your first and you don't technically know what you're getting yourself into, people love to tell you scary stories and undermine your resolve.

sounds like you'll have plenty of people there to assist, I wouldn't let anyone mess with your head
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