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Re: DTD to get things going

It only works if you are READY to go...

Here's something I shared on my site:

Sex – Like I said I’m sure you’ve heard this, everyone loves to suggest it, but sex totally does work. Lots of reasons… because of the prostaglandins, and orgasms cause uterine contractions (gentle, nothing that will start labor but like a little uterus workout) and your body releases oxytocin, which is also released during labor. If you choose a hospital induction you will likely be giving Pitocin, which is a synthetic oxytocin (only instead of gentle contractions it’ll make your uterus contract painfully hard and can distress baby). Knowing this, I never let our sex life go during pregnancy, esp the last month. Uhhh am I gonna share this? Yeah… of course I am… we even had sex during labor (my water hadn’t broken) and it totally kicked things into high gear, I started transitioning a little over an hour later!

I explain prostaglandins earlier in the post, but they soften the cervix... it's what makes Cervadil work, though.. that's pig semen.
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