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Re: Help with solids...

Originally Posted by l_Kimmie_l View Post
Glad to see that I am not the only one not overly concerned with how many solids baby is getting. My pedi wants him on 3 meals per day. I do not want to suppliment a nursing session for jarred food. He chokes with BLW. Right now he nurses at least 6 times per day and still at night overnight too. WHy take the chance of losing feedings and supply for something he does not really need at the moment or care much about.
this is how I feel exactly.

I think we just follow baby's cues and if baby wants 3 solid meals at 6months old, okay then. But if baby doesn't want anything to do with solids until much later, then okay to that too.

I watched a lady prepare cereal for her daughter at a completely liquid consistency, put her baby at an incline and practically force the spoon into the mouth in a very mechanical way. She had been telling another mom with a similarly aged baby that she made it extremely watery so that the baby couldn't push the food back out. I wanted to be like 'why is it so important to you that your baby eats cereals??'

but anyways.. I think if you listen to your child, you'll be fine. Unless you get into a seriously bad issue, but I think those are really rare.
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