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Re: How to shovel driveway with a tiny baby?

My husband was hospitalized for pneumonia when DS2 was less than a month old....and that weekend we got a HUGE snow storm. We don't have any family willing to help ME with anything so I had to shovel the walk or pay the fine from the city

I waited until both DS2 and DD (then 2 years 3 months or so) were asleep, put DS2 in the crib and left DS1 (then just turned 5) in charge and went out and did it as quickly as I could. It took me forever since I was 4 weeks pp and had to stop and rest but it worked. DS2 and DD both slept the whole time. If DD would have woken up my 5 year old knew how to put Dora on Netflix so that would have kept her entertained for a little bit and he knew to pop his head out and tell me if DS2 woke up and was screaming.
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