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Re: Weight of lo determining vbac success?

Iwill be the odd woman out with my experience...
I was induced with ds1 because they THOUGHT he was nearing 11 pounds 10 days before my edd. He was only 8.9. Of course my body wasn't ready and they really didn't want to try pinto in since they were unsure about me birthing vaginally at all. Also, when ds was born via section, he had a weird knob on the top of his head where he was attempting to go through. It was in the wrong place, so that contributed to my lack of progress.

I was very supported in a vbac trial of labor with #2. I had a CNM, but because I was vbac the ob on call was also involved. He was super supportive of a vbac. Even more so than my CNM. I went into labor in my own, and after 12 hours and some pit help (my bp was rising so they wanted him out ASAP) I still failed to progress. I was in full labor but baby wasn't engaged. After 0 progress we did a repeat section. Ds2 was 9.4.

Afterwards I talked with the doc, and he's almost certain it's because I have an elliptical shaped pelvis. It's not too small, and my babies weren't too big. The problem was my shape. if I had been allowed to be up and moving more, with a skilled midwife or nurse, imay have been successful. But I had to be on continuous monitoring and had the iv, so moving was difficult. Anytime I got out of position the monitor would slip and the nurses would come running.

So I guess my btdt advice is its probably more your shape than baby's size. It also depends on being in a favorable position to help yourself and the baby. For me, being hooked to the bed was the worst case scenario. I do wonder what would have happened if I would have labored at home longer or had someone who could help me with positioning. I tried all I could on the ed, ball, and toilet but nothing helped.
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