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Re: How is everyone?

CD21 today. I'm going nuts. I don't think there's any other explanation for it other than I'm losing my mind. HAHA. I've been having dreams about positive pregnancy tests for days now, about a week. I thought it was ovulation, but that was days ago now and I'm still dreaming about them. So this evening I went and ordered a three pack. They should be here on Wednesday. I didn't get them because I think I'm actually pregnant but more so because my dreams are driving me crazy. How nuts is that?

Normally I would just wait for AF but with the long/short cycles, and because we had just a few minutes of unprotected sex (no, uh, male release) the day after I had O pain, I know I will go crazy wondering, waiting, if I don't test thanks to the matter how small the chance. I'll be about 9DP (suspected) O when they come on Wednesday and could expect my period anytime from Thursday (shortest recent cycle) to Feb. 8th (longest cycle I remember since my first PP AF at 5 1/2 months).

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