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keeping baby/kid clothes for future children?

I've been minimizing our household belongings over the past several months, and have pretty much gotten our kitchen, living room, book collection, movies, closets, linens, etc. down to where I want them to be. I'm having trouble though, with baby stuff!
We just had our first, a four month old boy We KNOW that we want more kids, probably within the next year. In four months, he's already grown out of two totes full of baby clothes! At this rate, we'll have a dozen by the time he's a year old. I don't feel like we keep too much stuff for him; each size he wears we probably have 7 items of each "type" (sleepers, onesies, pants, socks). Of course, there are the randoms that also fit in there; swaddle sleep sacks he's grown out of, one or two "fancy" outfits for a wedding/church etc., plain white onesies for layering, hats, winter wear (this is winter in Michigan, so he has a newborn coat as well as a 0-3 month coat), out-of-season clothes that people didn't do the math for w/shower gifts etc. What do I keep? Babies are so expensive! I don't want to rebuy all of this stuff if we have a boy in a year, but it seems crazy. We're a new military family, so we'll be having to move it all twice in the next year. And if we're in a 4-season state, it might all be wrong anyway!
I guess... can you just help me wrap my head around it all? Haha... just tell me what to do, please. That's easiest
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