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Re: Hospital or Home Birth????

My second pg was a hb with mw and it was awesome. My mw was about an hr from our house. We already had the pool blown up and our bdrm moved to accommodate it. We had everything we needed (towels, etc) ready to go as well. After she was born I nursed her while I waited to deliver the placenta. Afterwards, I took a shower while everyone cleaned things up. My mom made some food, and we all sat in the livingroom eating and enjoying baby. I got to snuggle my baby in my bed that night.

My ds was supposed to be a hb but after 12 hrs my labor stalled, I was tired and in pain, decided to go to the hosp. It took another 12 hrs and he came out with the cord wrapped around his neck. (Not something we couldn't have handled at home, but still) I made the choice to go. Imho if you choose a hb, have a back up plan and a bag packed jic.

ETA- The hosp is only 5 min for me. That def makes a difference. But with my first we were 40 min from the hosp we were planning to deliver at. I am planning on laboring at home with this one and heading out shortly before baby comes. We'll see though.
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