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How long after mom eats something is it in the milk?

How long does it take from the time I eat something until it shows up in the milk? I'm trying to figure out what might be the culprit for the below scenario...This evening at bedtime Baby D was fussing at the breast. Sometimes she seems a little impatient when waiting for the milk to let down or sometimes she is just distracted and both those cases I shush her and pat her but and she settles down. Tonight she got progressively fussier and fussier which was unusual, so I took her off the breast to see if she needed to burb which made her cry louder and throw herself toward the breast like she was hungry and wanted to nurse. So I switched sides to see if she would be happier with the other breast - nope, more fussing, so I sat her up again at which point she puked the entire contents of her stomach all over me mmmmmmmm sour thick yucky milk puke... she's never exhibited any food sensitivities before but I'm thinking there must've been something in the milk that upset her. As soon as she puked she was back to her usual smiling happy self.

Any thoughts will be much appreciated, thanks mamas!

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