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More BF issues. DS is 15 months

I am having problem after problem this past month with my boobs and need some insight please! This is my 4th child and I have had the typical breastfeeding woes of clogged ducts and mastitis but things feel differently lately.
Story- ds is 15 months and nurses a few times a day and 4-6 x a night (laying down position).
Jan 1 my right boob felt like I was getting a clogged duct. I used heat and it went away about 5 days later. A week goes by then my nipples feel like they are burning and I have a quarter size lump to the right of nipple that is tender. (Not thrush). A couple days later I have a white painful spot on nipple appear. I think possibly it could be a bleb? It is still here and painful off and on. Now today my left boob on the underside feels bruised like someone punched it. It is very tender and hurts very badly when I lean over. What could this pain be?
Things that could trigger problems or that are different are: I wore a real bra today (usually wear sports bra), I am recovering from the flu and have been on nasal sprays and tyelenol and Advil, I take ambien several nights a week.
Oh and I don't know if this is concerning but I still have not had AF yet. I usually get one at 11 months postpartum then get pregnant the next month but here I am at almost 16 months and nothing. (I am not pregnant, dh had a v)

Thank you if you made it this far! I have called by OBGYN but he seems lost when it comes to BF issues.
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