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Re: Another offensive ad from Google

Originally Posted by elusion View Post
ABP is great.. but I so rarely use FF.. and sometimes Im just too lazy to.. BUT... We shouldnt need ad blocking software on a diaper forum

ETA: That is, Im too lazy to on my PC.. when my mac gets back from the "hospital" and Im back on it full time.. Ill use FF exclusively and go back to the ad-free days, LOL. (I miss my mac )
What happened to your baby? What do you have? I just got a new MacBook two months ago (+student video ipod/printer deal ) and I have found the Apple love. What are you using? I know Safari loads quick but I just don't like it. I just downloaded Camino, so we'll see how it goes.

My poor baby has already been injured in it's short life. I cracked the freaking screen! It's better now, but those first few days without were rough!

Oh, and like I said I'm on Camino and I don't see any add's at all.
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