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Originally Posted by You Tell 'Em
I'm hoping the full moon keeps this baby in I don't have any contrax or feeling like baby will come tonight but if baby does want to come early, I'm hoping it's not until February at least I'm tempted to let my OB check me on Thursday (I'll be 39 weeks) even though I was going to just wait until 40 weeks. I'm pretty patient this time around, like I was with my last pregnancy but with everyone around me getting anxious it's annoying... and I'd love for hubby to be able to take off his paternity leave (which would work out better if baby cooks until 40 weeks and some extra days)
Yeah. I am with you. I want a late baby too. My husband wants to take his leave in April for work reasons. In order to do that... We have got to keep this baby on the inside.
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