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Re: Another offensive ad from Google

Originally Posted by chasingprisms View Post
What happened to your baby? What do you have? I just got a new MacBook two months ago (+student video ipod/printer deal ) and I have found the Apple love. What are you using? I know Safari loads quick but I just don't like it. I just downloaded Camino, so we'll see how it goes.

My poor baby has already been injured in it's short life. I cracked the freaking screen! It's better now, but those first few days without were rough!

Oh, and like I said I'm on Camino and I don't see any add's at all.
I have a powerbook.. the last one just before the macbook pro came out.. so its basically a macbook pro without the intel processor

It got dropped :X (Not by me!) It had a dent on the left that messed up the PC slot Its back in town - but UPS screwed up the delivery, so I wont get it until Monday night. (BOO UPS) I was really excited on Friday when it said out for delivery, but then it updated and said it was rescheduled.

I use firefox for OS X.. Sooooo much better than safari.

I totally miss the two finger scrolling thing.. the wide screen.. oh and everything else. LOL

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