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Re: keeping baby/kid clothes for future children?

Originally Posted by teacherpippi View Post
We save a few favorites from each size and hit garage sales when the next one comes. Depending on when they're born in relation to the other kids (and your weather), you may need to get different stuff anyway.
This. I even had two babies born of the same gender and only ten days apart (in two different years) and the second one is waaaaay bigger than her sister was at that age. All the stuff I had saved for her second winter (now) was too small and the stuff saved for next summer will probablh be too big. I had to buy a brand new wardrobe for each of my kids anyway, because they were the wrong size in the wrong season. Coats and winter gear tends to be generously sized (and pricier) so I save those things, as well as church dresses because I tend to buy nicer ones. Oh and pajamas, since we don't do separate summer and winter pjs (just add blankets to the bed) so it doesn't matter which season fits the size.
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