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Re: Hospital or Home Birth????

as much I personally would love a HB- I have worked in healthcare for almost 10 years and while 95% of it goes amazing and perfect there is that 5% that doesn't and after you have helped people walk through that 5% of awful it's hard to ever consider a HB. My rule is you deliver where ever you feel the most comfortable. If that is in your home then do it there! My husband has had to deal with my nightmares related to infant loss that I have dealt with at work as well as a personal friend who didn't have an a very informed situation and lost their baby in a hb done poorly. Hubby has just flat out said he is totally uncomfortable with a HB. HOWEVER regardless of our reasons for not feeling like a HB is our choice I think everyone should make their own informed decisions on what is best for them.
I think HB gives you the best options to do what you want vs a hospital birth where you really are at the mercy of the staff. Yes you can refuse thing and say no and lay down boundary lines but it still isn't as "easy" to make sure things go the way you want or more importantly don't want.

I wish more hospitals had birthing centers in the hospitals so that you can do it your way but still in the safety of a hospital.
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