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Re: Being admitted again out of state, helping to prepare?

Honestly, I'm not much help. All I can offer is sympathy.

My son screams from the moment a doctor/nurse/medical tech walks into the room until they leave. He also freaks out at the hospital. The little stinker will literally stop screaming the minute we step out of the hospital and smiles. He does have sensory issues but this isn't sensory, it is pure medical phobia.

If it is just sensory maybe getting his OT and the hospital's Child Life specialist together will help you come up with a game plan. If it is fear, I don't know what to tell you because we haven't come up with a solution either. DS is so terrified he will fight through heavy sedatives during testing, we usually have to forgo the test or go for general anesthesia. As for violent, well violence isn't a sign of sensory overload in my kid it is a sign of pain so a dose of Motrin or Tylenol with Codeine will turn him back into a charming kid again.

Sorry he has to go through this. Hopefully, he does better then he did last time.

ETA; I have had bad experiences with the hospital nutrition lab sending up adolescent formula within a decent time frame (most pediatric floors only keep infant formula on hand). You might want to come prepped with 24 hours of formula ready to go and have the admitting doctor write in the doctors orders that they can use the formula you brought until the nutrition lab sends the proper formula up to his floor.

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