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Re: Chat Thread ~ Jan 27th - Feb 2nd

Wow! Everyone seems to be so productive. DH went to work on our weekend house so we will have a finished bedroom to sleep in at some point (we rent our house from the school district during the week, and live in our house on the weekends). He built a new closet and is putting sheetrock over the ugly cinderblock walls. We are going to paint it a purplish color because eventually it will be our girls' room. But for now, all 4 (soon to be 5) of us share it. We have two mattresses from our pop up camper spread out on the floor, so there's plenty of sleeping room for everyone (though somehow I always get sandwiched between Delia and Aven.

We never used a changing table either. We've always used the floor with a waterproof pad under baby.
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