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Before you agree to induction, do you know your Bishop Score?

This is not directed at families facing confirmed medical issues like pre-eclampsia or IUGR.

Since we're getting to the point where some care providers (or mamas themselves) start talking about inducing labour, I wanted to be sure everyone knows about Bishop scores. I wasn't given this information as a FTM, yet it's critical in making an informed choice.

If your baby is not ready to be born, then trying to forcefully initiate labour can (and often does) result in a downward spiral of intervention. For a FTM with a score <7, induction triples your risk of avoidable c-section. For a multiparous woman with a previous vaginal birth, your risk is still doubled.

It's your right to ask for your score before consenting to any type of induction, from Pitocin to a stretch & sweep. And it's always your right to refuse any intervention in the intricate dance between you and baby. Sharing with others because I didn't know myself.
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