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Re: water kefir??

I started tending water kefir a few months ago. It does taste similar to kombucha, though to my palate, milder. In my experience you can vary the flavor quite a bit by the types of sugar you use, the fruit you add, and the length of time you leave it to ferment (bearing in mind that temperature will affect speed of fermentation.) I did read that grape juice may not taste the best. I mix it up but my favorite is to add a tablespoon or so of maple syrup to a cup of cane crystals (I brew a gallon), and add fresh oranges and dried mango to the secondary. I do also sometimes use sucanat and/or coconut sugar. I add a lot of fruit to the secondary, the oranges and mangoes, and also sometimes fresh lemons and or apples, dried pear, prunes, goji berries. Also I often toss in a few raisins in with the grains. Dh likes to add molasses with the sugar and use dried pineapple in the secondary- but that combo does not suit my palate. I'd say experiment to find what you like.

Oh and- adding a dash of vanilla to the cup you're about to drink can be delightful, almost like an orange cream soda.

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